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Understanding Mapping vs. Array in Solidity

Learn what the mapping and array types are in Solidity, how they work, and when to use one over the other in a Solidity smart contract. Mapping vs. Array in Solidity explained.

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How to add security headers to a Next.js website

Next.js makes it easy to add sitewide security headers to websites - learn how in this short tutorial.

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How to add a third party script to a Next.js website

How to easily embed third party scripts into any Next.js website. Learn how to inject a third-party script into your Next.js website.

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HubSpot Forms in React: Submit a form using the HubSpot API

In this post you will learn how to submit HubSpot forms from your React website using the HubSpot API.

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React: Recreating the Hacker News comments section

In this post we'll use React to recreate the Hacker News comment section using a recursively generated comment tree.

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How to make a sticky Navbar that hides on scroll (React/Hooks)

There's nothing like a good navbar, but sometimes they get in the way when the user is trying to read an article or blog post. Take your navbar to the next level by toggling it when the user scrolls.

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